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with purpose
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PPM VENTURE is an Australian based company specialized in creating, sourcing and importing products that are innovative in their niches with great quality, superior aesthetics, enhanced functionality, ethical origins and sustainable life cycle.

Know our values.


We make decisions that are consistent with honour and respect creating a relationship of trust with our customers, partners and each other.


We know that we are more productive when our actions are aligned with our passions so we spend our time and efforts on what fuels us.


We understand that business is about more than money so we endeavour to add value to the lives of everyone we touch along the way.


We care deeply for social and environmental causes which is reflected in how we communicate, what we build and how we operate.


We lead by example always pursuing the highest standards in all that we do, exceeding expectations and amplifying the talents of those around us.


We think without constrains to envision the reality we want and we manage to inspire others with our creativity and freshness.

Meet our leaders.

PPM VENTURE was founded by two entrepreneurs passionate about inspiring people around the world to appreciate the small pleasures in life through an outstanding range of products.

Gianni Luigi Marchetti

Founder and Director

Stefanie Patta Pedreira

Founder and Director

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